concept, design and engineering of the multifunctional charging station


In collaboration with the Austrian photovoltaic specialists of Sol-Energy, HYVE Innovation Design created a new version of the SOLeTANK. The SOLeTANK is a multifunctional charging station for e-bikes and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, whereas its energy production occurs exclusively with sunlight through the photovoltaic cells. Therefore the SOLeTANK requires no external power supply and is not connected to the mains.


The SOLeTANK comes with a premium advertising space and a luminous 32” LCD outdoor monitor for rotating digital content. In addition, the charging station enables a wireless hotspot for digital networking at any location. The charging station offers three standart sockets with a nominal voltage of 230V and is completed by two USB ports and a contact loading area (Wireless Charger). With an extra seating surface the SOLeTANK will function as a smart city architecture object and is part of a rapidly growing network of self-sufficient energy and information stations.


This project was conducted at HYVE Innovation Design GmbH together with Design Engineer Florian Lohse and Innovation Designer Christoph Dörr